Valerie Visits Palfrey Junior School.

Valerie  visited Palfrey Junior School to meet with staff and pupils and to find out about the challenges that affect them on a daily basis. She was able to meet with the headteacher, Gary Thornton, as well as several of the school’s prefects. At the end of the visit, some of the pupils took the opportunity to show Valerie their new adventure playground.

Valerie said;
“I always enjoy visiting schools in my constituency and I was hugely impressed by the dedication of the staff and pupils at Palfrey Juniors.”

“The pupils seem to really enjoy learning, and relish coming to school each day. I was particularly impressed by the group of prefects I met, who are a credit to their school.”

“It is important for the future prosperity of the country that the Government ensures that every school is able to inspire its pupils so impressively.”