Valerie visits Shree Ram Mandir

On Friday 24 May 2013, Valerie visited the Shree Ram Mandir Hindu temple on Ford Street to take part in the Shiv Ling Pran Pratistha Mahotsov celebrations. This marked the installation of a new Shiva Ling, a representation of the deity Lord Shiva. As part of the celebrations, the congregation processed along Ford Street and Wednesbury Road and returned to the Temple.

Valerie said:

“It was a privilege to be invited and take part in this ceremony. The last one was 22 years ago. The Trustess and Committee of the Temple organised a very important weekend of celebrations. Depsite the rain we processed along the road and sweets and fruit was offered to everyone in a gesture of generosity to all who attended. I was pleased to take part and wish the Hindu community peace and joy on this auspicious occasion.”