Valerie visits Walsall Manor Hospital

Today,Valerie  made a fact-finding visit to Walsall Manor Hospital in her role as a member of the House of Commons Health Select Committee. The visit began with a round table discussion with a group of staff from accross the hospital. Staff were keen to feedback on how the NHS has been performing . Valerie toured Ward 17, the Children’s ward and the Accident and Emergency Department, where she was able to speak with both staff and patients. Valerie also saw the Vision System which logs patients from entry to release.

Valerie said:

“As a member of the Health Select Committee, I am always keen to hear the views of patients and staff on the future of the NHS. Several members of staff expressed concern about the Government’s Health and Social Care Bill. They told me that there is uncertainty surrounding the proposals. It is vital that the Government listens to people on the frontline of the NHS who really understand what is needed to improve standards of patient care.”

“I was impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the staff I met with today. They are a credit to the NHS.”