Valerie visits Walsall Town Centre

On Saturday 30th April 2016 I went on a walkabout in the Town Centre to speak to stall holders about anti-social behaviour.


Many traders at the Walsall market are being affected by anti-social behaviour. I discussed with local shopkeepers what we can do to tackle anti-social behaviour and to stop it from affecting local businesses. One stall holder said £60 worth of goods were stolen from the stall.


I invited David Jamieson the current Police and Crime Commisioner up for re election to speak with stall holders to see what we can do to make local businesses feel less intimidated. We discussed increasing the police presence at peak times to allow shopkeepers so that traders carry out business without any interruptions from anti-social behaviour. Also an unused bus shelter is used for people to gather. It was good to see police officers in the Town Centre on the day. They were aware of the problem and are dealing with it through the Legal process.