Valerie visits Whitehall Junior to meet the School Council

I had a discussion with Whitehall Junior School Council on 14 July 2017 – a group of elected children across the pupils’ community, with each class having a School Council representative.

The representatives asked me about various issues including my role as Shadow Leader of the House, the closure of South Walsall Library, air quality in Walsall, the importance of the New Art Gallery and green spaces.

One of the School Council’s aims is: ‘We listen and try to solve problems’. I said that when I help people through casework and we get a solution to their problem that is very satisfying. I was also asked about whether the cladding is safe. I said having written to the housing associations who look after the buildings, they have confirmed that they are dealing with any issues.

I said if anyone wants to get involved in politics to read papers, watch the parliament programme and do work experience but that all experience is good in anything they do which helps towards informing their political role.

I handed out certificates and badges to the School Council. The School Council have had a great success in changing the school meals. They undertook a survey and implemented their findings and as a result the meals have improved. Another major issue is the school toilets. I hope the Council will take this further.

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