Smoking in Cars with Children present and Standardised Tobacco Packaging

On Monday 10th February, Valerie voted in favour of two amendments to the Children and Families Bills regarding the “regulation of tobacco packaging” and “smoking in cars with children present”.

Regulation of retail packaging of tobacco products

‘Lords Amendment 124 would add a new clause entitled “Regulation of retail packaging etc of tobacco products”. It would give the Secretary of State the power to make regulations to standardise tobacco packaging if and when s/he considers that they may contribute to reducing the risk of harm or to promoting the health or welfare of children and young people.”

The amendment was passed by 453 Ayes to 24 Noes

Protection of Children’s Health: Offence of Smoking in a Private Vehicle

’77. ‘Lords Amendment 125 would add a new clause which would amend smoke-free legislation (the Health Act 2006) to provide the Secretary of State, or Welsh Ministers in relation to Wales, with the power to make regulations to provide for a private vehicle to be smoke-free when a person under the age of 18 is present in the vehicle. The Health Act 2006 contains two offences in relation to vehicles that are designated as smoke-free under the regulations: smoking in a smoke-free vehicle, and failure by the person in control of the vehicle to prevent smoking in a smoke-free vehicle.’

The amendment was passed by 376 Ayes to 107 Noes.