Valerie warns that policing cuts put crime reduction at risk

Valerie has today warned that cuts to police numbers will put crime reduction at risk in the West Midlands.

Valerie said:

“Following the recent disorder across the country, it is now more important to ensure there are enough police on our streets. I am concerned that following the Government’s 20% cuts to policing, West Midlands Police is reported to be losing 1,000 police officers and over 1,000 police staff over the next four years. This puts the West Midlands third in the list of the greatest fall in police numbers in the country.”

In the West Midlands Police force area, crime figures published on The Home Office website show robbery has increased by 25% compared to last year, burglary by 9%, other theft offences by 15%, and total crime by 2%. This is the second highest increase in the country.

Valerie said:

“After years of falling crime, these figures show that progress in cutting crime is being put at risk and there are some very worrying signs. Now is not the time for the Government to be taking risks with community safety and cutting police numbers in the West Midlands.”

“According to the British Crime Survey on the Home Office website, overall crime in England and Wales increased by 1 per cent.  Domestic violence is up by 35 %, burglary is up 14 % and all violence up 6 %.”

“The disorder seen in towns and cities across the country over the past week emphasises how important it is that the police service is supported and that they have the resources they need to protect the public.”