Valerie Welcomes Butts Primary School to Parliament

I was delighted to meet with Year 5 pupils from Butts Primary School and the teachers when they visited Parliament on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

The Tour started at Westminster Hall and I explained that the Courts sat here and a number of trials took place. I suggested they look into the life of Sir Thomas More and I would visit the school to find out what information they researched and their view on his life. We walked up through St Stephens and into Central Lobby and I explained this is where Members of Parliament meet their constituents. I then took them up to the Visitors Gallery where they listened to a debate on the Social Security (Additional Payments) Bill. I asked if anyone could name a Department and one answer was the Department of Works and Pensions. Coincidently it was a DWP Bill.   

Visiting Parliament is a valuable opportunity for the pupils to learn about our democracy and see it in action.