Valerie welcomes Rough Hay Primary School to Parliament

I was pleased to welcome Rough Hay Primary School Year 4 to the Education Centre in Parliament on Monday 6 February 2017.


The Education Centre has themed learning spaces to add to the exciting experience of visiting Parliament. I met Rough Hay Primary School in the Lords Space where pupils can explore a 3D model of the Chamber and follow the Yeoman Usher as he puts the mace in place before each session.


The pupils had the opportunity to ask me a series of questions. I was asked why it is important to have an MP. I told them I was elected on behalf of the people on a manifesto, to represent the interests and concerns of the residents in Walsall South in the House of Commons. They also wanted to know what questions I have raised at Prime Minister Questions.


I gave the pupils the opportunity to raise any concerns in Walsall South. One pupil asked me to do something about dog waste on their road. I said they should discuss this with their school council and if they write to me I can take this up on their behalf.


When asked what can be done in Walsall South, I suggested that the space at the old Darlaston Town FC ground could be used for young people such as for sports facilities and tennis courts. I opened a Sports Day at Rough Hay Primary School in 2012. I was very impressed with the pupils enthusiasm for sport which is testament to the dedicated members of staff who have worked hard to teach the children.


Here is a link to find out more about how you can visit Parliament with your school: