Valerie asks Minister for help to restore Walsall recycling facilities

Valerie has written to the Communities and Local Government Minister, Brandon Lewis MP, after he failed to say when questioned in the House of Commons what support the Government will give to Walsall MBC to restore Town Centre recycling facilities.

Valerie said:

“I was alarmed by the Minister’s failure to provide me with a response to my question. I asked him what support the Government can give to Walsall MBC so that it can restore recycling facilities to the Town Centre, but the Minister’s response referred only to domestic recycling collections. I have written to the Minister to say that his response did not answer my question and to ask him once again what support the Government can give to Walsall MBC so that it can restore Town Centre Recycling Facilities.”

“Currently the only recycling facilities in the Borough are in Aldridge and Bloxwich. For some of my constituents this means a drive of more than five miles through congested urban streets to dispose of large amounts of recyclable waste. This undermines the environmental benefit of recycling in the first place. For residents who do not own cars, these facilities are completely inaccessible.”

“My constituents would like Walsall MBC to restore the recycling facilities that were previously available in the Town Centre so that residents can easily dispose of recyclable items at their convenience. In my view, this is the best way to encourage recycling and to increase the recycling rate.”