Victims and Prisoners Bill

The Victims and Prisoners Bill had its Report stage and 3rd Reading debated on Monday 4 December 2023 following its 1st and 2nd Reading on 8 November 2023. 

The Bill makes provisions about victims of criminal conduct and others affected by criminal conduct; about the appointment and functions of individuals to act as independent public advocates for victims of major incidents; about the release of prisoners; about the membership and functions of the Parole Board; to prohibit certain prisoners from forming a marriage or civil partnership; and for connected purposes.

1.  New Clause 14, tabled by the Opposition, would compel organisations to face public scrutiny with honesty, especially during inquiries into state-related deaths. It would maintain a duty of candour, which is crucial for public servants to perform their roles with integrity and to call out harmful practices that endanger lives.

I voted in favour of New Clause 14 but this was defeated.  Ayes 193 : Noes 279. 

2.  Amendment 33, tabled by the Opposition, seeks to rectify the Government’s oversight of individuals plagued by the menace of persistent antisocial behaviour, who are often living in fear in their own homes, by ensuring that the definition of “victim” includes those tormented by antisocial behaviour such that they meet the threshold for an antisocial behaviour case review. 

I voted in favour of the amendment but this was defeated:  Ayes 190 : Noes 277.

The Bill will now go to the House of Lords.