HM Opposition debate on Flooding

On Wednesday 6 January 2016 there was an Opposition day debate on the recent flooding. The debate was moved by the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Kerry McCarthy. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Rory Stewart, responded.


I consider that the emergency services and the military have done an outstanding job in response to the recent floods. The Government has failed to safeguard our nation against the impact of flooding, an effect of climate change. There have been issues about cutting the funding for flood defences. Some people have to rebuild their homes not just repair them with these recent floods.


I voted for the motion which “calls on the Government to commit to the figure that the Environment Agency said in 2014 was required to protect communities of £800 million per year on maintenance and strengthening of flood defences and to carry out an urgent, independent, public review of flood policy”.


The results were Ayes 216 and Noes 281 and the motion was defeated.