Walsall Black Sisters AGM

I attended the Walsall Black Sisters Collective AGM on Friday, 27 October, at Bethel Lighthouse on Caldmore Road. The AGM celebrated the achievements and progress of the Walsall Black Sisters Collective over the past 12 months, and the Chair shared the exciting plans for the forthcoming year. We listened to stories from the Windrush generation and poetry written and delivered by Derrion Thompson.

The WBSC provides community activities to empower and develop deprived communities from various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds in Walsall; addressing inequality and bringing long-lasting change to encourage community cohesion, cultural respect and a diverse community we can all be proud of. The WBSC exists to serve the most vulnerable communities by delivering relevant needed services which lessen loneliness and isolation, improve health and wellbeing and educate and inform. The organisation will transform into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with a revised constitution which will leverage new investment to grow and secure its financial stability. 

You can find out more about WBSC by clicking here: https://www.walsallbsc.co.uk/