Warm Front grants to end by 31 March 2013.

Valerie Vaz MP said:


“Grants under the Warm Front scheme are set to end  on 31 March 2013, but they need to be claimed by December 2012 to allow for installation before the deadline. Local Authorities, Citizens Advice Centres and Libraries are often unaware that these grants are now available.


“This fund provides heating and insulation grants for 25,000 fuel poor homes at an average of £2,500 per home. However, there has been a poor take up of these grants, partly due to the tighter, more restrictive criteria and partly due to a lack of promotion of their availability to those who need it.


“The Government must ensure that this fund is widely promoted so that those who are struggling to  heat their homes, like many of my constituents, are given the help they need to do so.  If the grants remain unclaimed, the Government should review  the criteria to see whether these should be made less stringent.”